A project by Free Press Houston to remember legendary comedian Bill Hicks in the city where he began his career

Bill Hicks is revered throughout the world as many things - legend, truthsayer, shaman, philosopher, and many more.  Bill was a rare breed of human; A guy that comes along once in a lifetime to challenge us to be better. He made you think, he kept you on the edge of your seat, and he was completely fearless. He's one of the few comedians that is still relevant almost 20 years after being taken from the world too soon, and his legacy grows every day. Yet, there does not stand a single monument in the world to him.  Bill began his comedy career in Houston at the now defunct Comedy Workshop on San Felipe and Shepherd. A statue to permanently pay homage to him in the city where he began his journey would solidify his legacy.  This statue would serve as a symbol to remember the past and everything Bill gave us, but also as a reminder for the future generations to seek knowledge around every corner.

Houston sculptor David Adickes has agreed to build the statue of Bill.  If you've ever seen his work, you know he is the best man for the job and that the statue will be nothing short of amazing.  A Houston legend sculpting a Houston legend - It doesn't get better than that. The family and estate of Bill Hicks has given their blessing to this project and will be on hand at the statue's unveiling.

This is where you come in.  You can directly support the building and placement of the statue to honor a hometown hero by clicking the PayPal link below and donating money to the cause.

The costs for creating, placing, and maintaining such a monument are staggering. Costs also include a nationwide PR campaign and location fees. We estimate this total to be about $70,000 yet any funds which exceed cost will be donated to Bill Hicks Foundation for Wildlife.

Free Press Houston is going to start this project off with an initial donation of $10,000. But we need your help.

For the most generous donors ($5,000 or more), we have something special for you-- your name will be permanently inscribed on the statue thanking you for making it a reality.

For donations of $1000 or more, you will be honored at a private Thank You dinner and party the evening preceding unveiling. This party will have very special guest performers.

People who donate $200 or more will receive hand signed and numbered, limited-edition silk screened art prints of the 'Remember Me?' poster by  world renowned poster artist Jermaine Rogers.

But really, anything helps, and if you aren't able to donate money, a simple share on your social networks spreads the word about this project to more people and helps immensely.  Please pass this along to everyone you know and encourage them to support in any way they can.

We have our own ideas about where this statue should be placed - a public historical place where fans can pay homage, but also where people who Bill is unknown to can discover him for the first time.  Because you're the ones who are going to make this dream a reality in the end, we'd like to have your opinions on where this statue should go as well.  Please email us your thoughts on where you'd like to see this statue at, and any other suggestions here.

Bill Hicks Statue- Update

Hello lovelies – “Brothers and sisters, friends and neighbors, vibrations in the mind of the one true god whose name is love.” A month ago, we launched a campaign to create and place a statue of Houston comedy legend Bill Hicks right here in the city. We are happy to say that the donations have been coming in at a steady pace since the announcement, and although we have yet to reach our goal, we are well on our way to making this a reality. We want to say thank you to each and every one of the people who have donated their hard-earned money and who have shared this project with their friends and on their social networks. You are the reason this will happen. We look forward to the day when we can all celebrate as the sheet is pulled off of the statue. We know there have been some questions about the project since its launching, so we wanted to address a few that we have seen online in the past month and hopefully, it will give some more insight and put you at ease about donating.

First, we have seen numerous people ask why we didn’t use a service like Kickstarter for this project. The truth is, we tried. We went through the process of creating the project and read the terms of service over and over before we submitted it to make sure that we fell within the guidelines and wouldn’t have any problems. After submitting, we received an e-mail telling us our project was declined with no explanation. After repeated attempts to contact Kickstarter to figure out why we were denied and what we could do to fix it with no answer, we decided to do it ourselves with PayPal.

It has also come to our attention that there have been some questions regarding the people behind the statue project. To clear up any confusion about who is running this campaign, allow us to introduce ourselves to put you at ease, and show you that it is in good hands.

1. Omar Afra is the publisher of Free Press Houston, co-producer of FPSF, and managing partner of Fitzgerald’s. More importantly, Afra is a father of two.

2. Jermaine Rogers is a world renowned poster artist and has been creating art since 1994. Jermaine has created the iconic image of Bill Hicks that serves as the art across the entire campaign for the statue.

3. Will Guess is a contributing writer and avid Hicks fan. He is in constant contact with the Hicks family and David Adickes, serving as the liason of the entire project.

4. David Adickes is an internationally known artist and sculptor who has created some of Houston’s famous landmarks including the President’s heads and the enormous statues of The Beatles. David has agreed to create a unique sculpture of Bill Hicks that will permanently pay homage to the Houston legend.

Speaking of David Adickes, there has been some chatter on the interwebs that he hasn’t agreed to do the statue of Bill, which I can say with 100% certainty is simply untrue. We spoke with David as recent as yesterday and he is still committed to creating an amazing statue.

Though this project won’t happen overnight, we have momentum and it WILL succeed in due time. If you have ANY questions at all, please e-mail info@billhicksstatue.com or visit the website at www.billhicksstatue.com We are here to answer your questions and eliminate your concerns.

Special thanks to the Hicks estate, specifically Bill’s brother, Steve, and his mother, Mary, for their continuing support of our efforts and for helping with everything.


All funds made from the sale of these products will go directly to the creation of the Bill Hicks statue in Houston, TX.